Missing a site / your delivering entity in AAS?

The Publisher Care team is responsible for all site-related settings. We handle site creation, site modifications, and site audit. The goal of this process is to make sure our list of Sites in AAS is clean, complying with the MRC accreditation and internal policies.

There are two options to create a site.

  1. Submit a ticket - the Publisher Care team will then audit the site by checking whether the URL links to a real website, checking whether a publisher network really is a registered company, along with a virus and malware check. After the audit the Publisher Care teamwill then create the new site.

  2. Internal CSMs can create sites themselves or uncheck the internal mark on an internalized site. Once a site is created or activated please submit a ticket with the URL of the new site and ask the Publisher care team for site audit.

How To Submit a Ticket

Task-related communication is always handled via the Zendesk ticketing system. Simple questions can be handled via e-mail or chat.

To submit a ticket, please use the publisher form - as an internal user you can also create a new Zendesk Ticket:

  1. Change the field [Form] from the default "Support" to "Publisher Care",

  2. Select the request type "Site Creation" from any of the two fields below - [Request Type] or [Internal Request Type],

  3. Fill out as many fields as you can, as that will help reduce the back and forth to gather all the info,

  4. Add a subject line that briefly explains the request,

  5. On the right-hand side, under Field Selector (for zendesk users only):

    • Select "Amazon Ad Server" under [System],

    • Select the Account Type,

    • Search and select the appropriate entity name,

  6. In order to keep the site list clean and MRC-compatible, the following information are mandatory:

    • Site Name (with two letter country code of the country of origin of the site) e.g. El Pais ES

    • Site Domain URL (for audit)

    • Site Contact(s) (to reach out for specs)

    • The campaign creating account behind the site creation

  7. Submit the ticket.

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