Keeping AAS sites free of any shady or bad actors

The site auditing process is a mandatory step that is connected to the site creation in Amazon Ad Server and is owned by the Publisher Care Team, working closely with the ServicEngine Team. The process is simple, and take 1-2h per site including the creation.


There are three types of site audits:

  • regular audit before creation by ServicEngine within the site creation process

  • post creation audit for urgent CSM-created sites - handed in via site audit ticket by CSM

  • monthly audit of all newly created sites, which were not yet audited (sites created outside of the Publisher Care team's site creation process are checked in a bulk auditing.)

The process consists of:

  1. The PubCare Team will do a brief check and either reactivate an internalized site or send it for creation to Service Engine

  2. Service Engine will then: Run the site's Domain URL through an anti-bot/anti-malware software (we use VirusTotal),

  3. Visit the Domain URL and checking for any signs of:

    • Fraudulent/malicious content

    • Gambling

    • Adult Content

    • Weapons

    • Drugs

  4. Checking the site deeper, through the links and article pages for the same type of content

  5. If everything looks normal, we confirm the audit and the site creation takes place.

  6. (step still being discussed with legal) If there is malicious content, we make a note of it and inform the requester that the site creation cannot be finished due to the audit results, and we/they should reach out to the site to have them double-check.

How To Submit a Ticket

Task-related communication is always handled via the Zendesk ticketing system. Simple questions can be handled via e-mail or chat.

To submit a ticket, please use the publisher form - as an internal user you can also create a new Zendesk Ticket:

  1. Change the field [Form] from the default "Support" to "Publisher Care",

  2. Select the request type "site audit" from any of the two fields - [Request Type] or [Internal Request Type],

  3. Fill out as many fields as you can, as that will help reduce the back and forth to gather all the info,

  4. Add a subject line that briefly explains the request,

  5. On the right-hand side, under Field Selector (for zendesk users only):

    • Select "Amazon Ad Server" under [System],

    • Select the Account Type,

    • Search and select the appropriate entity name,

  6. Explain in detail what the task is about and what is required from Publisher Care,

  7. Submit the ticket.

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