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Ad Builder supports changing the ad format of an existing ad in the Ad Settings window. You can only upgrade your ad from HTML5 Standard to HTML5 Rich Media and back. 

When you upgrade a Standard Banner to a Rich Media ad, Ad Builder adds many features and functionality including additional ad size, more components and actions and animations; however moving to a Standard ad disables the existing format-related features. 

Consider the following difference between the formats when changing the ad format.


Standard Banner Rich Media Banner
Ad Size 200 KB 10 MB

The following components are available:

  • Image
  • Text
  • Hotspot
  • HTML
  • Button
  • Shape
 All components are supported.
Action and Animations

Custom actions that contain the Run JavaScript are supported.

The following actions are not supported:

  • Custom interactions
  • Custom Click-throughs
  • All actions associated with unsupported components
All components are supported. 

The following rules and guidelines apply when changing your format:

  • You cannot change the format for attached ads.
  • You cannot change the format for adaptive ads. 
  • You cannot change to or from HTML5 Expandable and Single Expandable HTML5 ads.

Changing Your Ad Format

  1. From the Ad Builder menu bar, select the Ad Settings tab.
  2. From the Format field, select the target format.
  3. Click Save.
    The new format is applied.






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