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The need to build In-Stream VAST Dynamic Creative Ads arises due to limited and fragmented VPAID inventory, and the need to to accommodate a number of major video publishers, (for example: YouTube, Dailymotion), that do not support VPAID.

The Sizmek platform supports building Dynamic Creative VAST ads with multiple versions. The process involves uploading multiple videos in bulk to the Amazon S3 server and then manually creating an ad, assigning versions with related videos and settings dedicated spreadsheet, and starting serving multiple versions of the ad simultaneously. 

The full workflow when building and trafficking In-Stream VAST Dynamic Creative ads in the platform is as follows: 

  1. Build a VAST In-Stream ad and proceed to assign versions with related videos and settings or using a dedicated spreadsheet. For more information, see HOW TO: Work with Versions of a Dynamic Creative Ad
  2. Preview your versions to test the versions. 
  3. Define the target audience groups. Examples include, different geographies, different age groups, and people that visited specific pages in the advertiser site. For more information about target audiences, see HOW TO: Build an Audience Strategy.
  4. Before trafficking, ensure that you have done the necessary quality assurance on your master ads. As part of the trafficking process, make sure to set up your delivery groups, and attach Dynamic Creative ads to delivery groups. For more information, about working with delivery groups, see HOW TO: Work with Ads in Delivery Groups.
  5. Assess performance data that is aggregated according to version, version name, version ID, statistics, and the version's dynamic element values. For more information about generating reports, see OVERVIEW: About the Report Builder.

Important: Disabling a dynamic ad removes all the dynamic creative capabilities and the versions. This process is irreversible.

Building an In-Stream VAST Dynamic Creative Ad

You can add dynamic element values, URLs, rotation, and targeting settings to create a new version of the ad. This is a quick and easy way that is recommended when you want to add up to 20 versions for each ad.

  1. Access the Sizmek Advertising Suite platform, and click Creative > Ads > New Ad > New Master Ad.
  2. In the Ad Name field, provide a user-defined name for the ad.
  3. In the Ad Format list, select In-Stream Video.
  4. In the Creative Assets > Linear tab. add at least one video asset.
    This video will serve as your fallback video if the version targeting fails.
  5. Click Save.
    The Dynamic Ad field displayed.
  6. In the Dynamic Ad field, scroll the toggle button to the right to activate Dynamic Creative on the ad.
    The Versions section and the Versions sub menu are added to the Ad page. 
  7. (Optional) Set the Retargeting settings. For more information, see REFERENCE: Ad Fields (Applies to All Ad Formats).
  8. In the master ad, click Versions > Versions and create the Dynamic Creative version. For more information see HOW TO: Work with Versions of a Dynamic Creative Ad.

Building Multiple In-Stream VAST Ads in Bulk

Prior to creating your In-Stream VAST Ad, you are required to upload your video files to the Amazon S3 server. These video files are stored on the Sizmek Amazon S3 server and are not uploaded directly on the platform.

When creating the versions for the In-Stream VAST ad, you will manually assign the base URLs to each video. These base URLs imply the path to the video on the Amazon server and will convert all the relative URLs on that page to absolute URLs. An example of a base URL is:

Upload the Videos in Bulk


Upload your videos to the Sizmek dedicated shared folder hosted on the Amazon S3 server. The Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web.

We recommend using the CloudBerry Explorer freeware to upload the videos. Cloudberry is powered by Amazon API allows you to connect to the Amazon S3 server. To the freeware download, click CloudBerry Explorer

  1. To upload your files to the Amazon S3 server, please send an email to requesting to create Dynamic Creative VAST ads in bulk.
    You will receive a reply within 72 hours with the login credentials to the Amazon file server and the base URLs.
  2. In the Cloudberry Explorer interface, log in with the credentials you received, and upload the videos to the Amazon S3 server.

Build the In-Stream VAST Ad

The procedure for creating the basic In-Stream VAST Ad is identical to creating single ads. Refer to the Build an In-Stream VAST Dynamic Creative Ad section.

Create the Versions Using the Base URLS

You can upload a set of versions from an Excel spreadsheet, to preview the different versions, manage their targeting, and their rotation settings. 

  1. In the master ad, click Versions > Version SpreadSheet.
  2. Add your versions. For more information, see Create Versions Using the Spreadsheet.
  3. In the primary_video column, type the video asset URL and video name.
    The first video will serve as the fallback video if the video targeting fails.
  4. Click Update SpreadSheet.


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