• (Single Ad) Manage > Ads > New > Design New HTML5 Ad > [Ad_Name] > Save > Export to Sizmek Ad Suite (Single Ad)
  • (Multiple Ads) Manage > Ads > New > Design New HTML5 Ad > Welcome Page > Export Ads to Sizmek Ad Suite (Multiple Ads)


Important: Prior to exporting ads in Ad Builder, your MDX2.0 account needs to be upgraded to the Sizmek Ad Suite. For more information, please contact your customer success manager.

You can use Ad Builder in MDX2.0 to export Ad Builder ads to the Sizmek Ad Suite. The export process automatically uploads the ad to the Sizmek Ad Suite Ads list as a new ad with a new ad ID.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Supported Formats:
    • HTML5 Standard Banner
    • HTML5 Polite Banner
    • HTML5 Expandable Banner
  • Unsupported Formats:
    • Single Expandable ads
    • Adaptive ads
    • Custom formats
    • Templates
  • Exporting Smart Items: Smart items configured in the ad in Ad Builder and the default version are exported. Versions created in MDX2.0  are not exported.
  • User Account Credentials: Make sure that when you enter your user account credentials during the export process, the credentials belong to the target account in SAS, and that you have the correct permissions.
Note: The following table displays the different terminology used in both applications.
MDX2.0  Sizmek Ad Suite
Polite Banners Rich Media Banners
Smart Item Dynamic Element


  • You should not use your testing account to export ads; rather, you must use an account that is under the same creative shop as the ads.
  • Special characters in the asset names are not supported in Sizmek Ad Suite.


Exporting a Single Ad to the Sizmek Ad Suite 

    1. In MDX2.0, click Manage > Ads > New > Design New HTML5 Ad.
    2. Open an existing Ad Builder ad.
    3. On the menu bar, click Save > Export to Sizmek Ad Suite.
    4. In the Export Ad to the Sizmek Advertising Suite dialog, type your Sizmek Ad Suite credentials.
    5. (Optional) Rename the ad. 
    6. Click Export.
      The ad is uploaded and automatically added to the Ads list in the Sizmek Ad Suite.

Exporting Multiple Ads to the Sizmek Ad Suite

      1. In MDX2.0, click Manage > Ads > New > Design New HTML5 Ad.
      2. In the Welcome page, click Export Ads to Sizmek Ad Suite.
      3. In the Select Ads dialog, select the ads to export and click Select. Use Shift to select multiple ads.
      4. In the Export to Sizmek Ad Suite dialog, click Export.

        The export process may take a few minutes. Once the process is complete, the ads are uploaded and added to the Ads list in the Sizmek Ad Suite.
      5. Review the status list and validate that all your ads have been exported successfully in the Ads list.  


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