An IP address provides both host or network interface identification and location addressing. Because of the personal nature of IP addresses, the Sizmek platform uses IP addresses in a limited way:

  • The Sizmek retention policies are defined according to the data types that are available in each of the analytics tools. The platform only retains IP addresses in raw data for one year. For more information, see REFERENCE: Data Retention Policy.
  • The platform may use IP addresses to track fraudulent activity, including non-human impressions, clicks, or conversions, that originate from the same IP address.
  • In the platform, IP addresses provide geo targeting and geo reporting services, and identify user location according to IP address using a Digital Element conversion table. 
  • IP addresses are not available in any MDX aggregated report.
  • IP addresses do appear in cookie-level data feeds to clients who request this information; however, German IP addresses, which are considered Personally Identifiable Information in Germany, are excluded (appearing as null values in data feeds) and never shared with clients. 

Note: For additional details about the Sizmek privacy policy, please refer to our website.

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