A loader script must be included in the index.html file when creating your own HTML5 ads using the HTML5 Workspace API. Previously, EBLoader was the only loader used when creating Workspaces; however, Sizmek has recently substituted EBLoader with the AdKit loader.

Important: Although EBLoader is still supported, we recommend using the AdKit loader. 

The difference between the two loaders is described in the following table.

Feature AdKit EBLoader  Comments
Script Syntax <script src=""> </script>  <script src=""></script>  
Loader Size Heavier Lighter  
Automatically Detects Type of Site - HTTP or HTTPS Yes No 

Requires adding the specific site type for each ad.

EBLoader is recommended if the site type is known in advance.

Loads AdBuilder Components Loads components. Does not load components.  
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