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Data filtration excludes robot traffic from data processing for reporting and billing.

Levels of Filtration

Sizmek data validation process is based on several levels of filtration.

IAB Blacklist

Sizmek has a full integration with IAB; every call (for example, impression or click) to the Sizmek server is crossed-reference with an IAB blacklist based on user-agent or IP. If there is a match, the call is filtered to the robots logs. Sizmek retrieves the list from IAB whenever the list is updated.


When a tag is called and the server does not have an answer or ad to return, Sizmek saves this call log as blank.

Unknown User-Agent Filtration

If the on-site setup feature, Filtered Unknown User-Agent, is enabled, all uncommon user-agents (other than desktop, mobile, or tablet) data will be filtered out.


  • White listed user IPs: Events coming from white listed IPs are considered as non-robot, regardless of traffic thresholds.
  • Black listed user IP ranges: Events coming from black-listed IP ranges are considered as robot, regardless of traffic thresholds, or IP ranges that represent cloud traffic, such as starting with 54.

MRC GIVT Guidelines

Sizmek follows IAB guidelines for filtering non-valid activity, based on internal logic and thresholds used to filter out abnormal user behavior.

Note: See Sizmek Source for more information regarding thresholds.

Filtered Data Mapping

  • Server Filtration (EDS): SizmekIP, IABBlacklist, and blanks are filtered to the Server Robots folder. 
  • Event Store Processing (ESP): When users and sessions demonstrate abnormal behavior based on the MRC guidelines, they are filtered to the Server Robots folder. This component orders the data into sessions and performs enrichments to the serving data.
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