This document provides information on all rich media formats and features that Sizmek supports for Pandora. Only HTML5 formats are supported. 

Site Accounts

It is important to select the appropriate site account to ensure that the macros and site tracking requirements are correct.

Supported site accounts in 2.0 are as follows:

  • Pandora Mobile US

Ad Formats 

Format Name Sizmek Template Dimension
HTML5 Polite Banner

HTML5 Polite Banner



HTML5 Responsive Banner
 Pandora Responsive Banner  1x1 initial size.


Ad Features 

Feature Name Where Available Dimensions
Store Locator in app / desktop 300x250 and 300x600
Add to Calendar in app 300x250
Weather Feed in app 300x250
Data Capture in app / desktop 300x250 and 300x600


Required Custom Scripts

HTML5 standard ads must use this Custom JS when run in Pandora's app:  (Updated March 2017)

PL_Pandora_PluginScript.JS is set at the site account level to be appended to all HTML5 Standard Banners for Pandora site accounts when the "ROS" site section is used.

If you do not see it or need to use a different site section the JS will need to be added on ad level in the preload.



For  ads with only a static image asset or Legacy ad format: Standard Banners

JS will need to be added in the URLs tab as a On Ad Play (JavaScript) event.

Pandora accounts also have this script preloaded if you select the site section "Static"



Polite /Rich Media application for in-app use.

(A support modified script which has proven useful for RM ads)

The script is automatically applied to HTML5 Polite Banner and HTML5 Single Expandable ads for Pandora site section "All."


Pandora Responsive Banners:

The script is included by default in the Pandora Responsive Banner template. No need to manually add it when this format is used.


Common Issues and Corresponding Fix

WEB Data Capture – Issue: Space bar in form fields pauses the Pandora tuner

  1. “Create iFrame” Tags are needed – can only pull on the placement level. Remove ifl=$$eyeblaster/addineyeV2.html$$&
  2. Custom JS placed on ad level in preload:[%tp_adid%]


WEB – Issue: Banner is aligned with bottom of page

  1. On AD Download JS-[%tp_adid%]&css=code%3A%3Abannerdiv%7Bdisplay%3Ablock%21%7D
  2. OR Custom JS placed on ad level in preload:


WEB - Issue: Banner is aligned left of the tuner

  1. On Ad Download JS-


WEB – Issue:  Banner background is not transparent

  1. Custom JS placed on ad level in preload:[%tp_adid%]&code=var%20gEbBAd%3Dnew%20Object%28%29%3BgEbBAd.strWmode%3D%22transparent%22%3B


WEB Animated Overlay – alignment issues

  1. Custom JS placed on ad level in preload:[%tp_adid%]&refElement=mainContentContainer&panels=SiteOverlay---position:fixed,top:-30,left:-450


WEB – Billboard

  1. Custom JS placed on ad level in preload:[%tp_adid%]


WEB – To Show Default Image in Safari

  1. Custom JS placed on ad level in preload:[%tp_adid%]


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