AdKit provides many configurable, creative capabilities such as components, Dynamic Creative, catalog ads, and responsive functionality. The AdKit API allows you to create a complete ad with almost no HTML code. The AdKit configuration is saved in a config.js file and must be placed in the workspace.

Configuration Structure

The following table displays the contents of the single JSON object located in the config.js file.

Field Type Description
banners Array Array of banner objects
panels Array Array of panel objects
sv Object Object that defines Smart Versioning (Dynamic Creative)
commonLibs Array Array of strings that represent commonLibs
clickThrough Object Object that contains a URL property to be used as the click-through

Banner/Panel JSON Object

The following table displays the  banner/panel JSON object properties.

Field Type Description
id String Banner ID
Items Array Array of objects representing components

Component JSON Object

For more information, see Component JSON Object Properties.

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