The preview functionality displays the content in the same way that it will be seen when it is served. In addition to seeing the ad, the preview evaluates the content to validate that it can be served and informs the designer about any problems that may exist.

Use the Preview button in the toolbar to start the process.


Using the preview

Once the preview starts, any animations and videos will play automatically on the right side of the screen.

  1. Select the profile to see insights based on the destination.

    1. Select Amazon Ad Server to see validations for that product.

    2. No profile will show information for industry standard ads.

  2. Select whether the ad was designed to be a Standard banner or a Rich Media banner.

Information displayed in Preview

Preview will display:

  1. The dimensions of the ad.

  2. The size of the backup image of the ad.

  3. The total size of the ad.

  4. The number of assets included in the ad. Hovering over the asset count will show a list of all the assets and their sizes.

Errors in preview

Preview will indicate whether there are any JavaScript errors in the ad.


When some aspect of the ad is detected that might cause a problem, an orange alert symbol appears. Hovering over it will indicate what the issue is. This can be used to make sure that the ad doesn’t contain any bug or incompatibility with the selected profile.

Validations include:

  • Standard banner:

    • Size greater than 200kb

    • More than one click through

    • Video present

  • Rich media banner:

    • Size greater than 10MB

  • All projects:

    • No JavaScript alert calls

    • No JavaScript errors

Testing interactions in preview

Clicking on a layer that has an associated interaction will invoke that event and a log of all interactions tested will be shown under the Interaction tab. This can be used to QA the ad before publishing it and make sure the associated trackers are properly firing.

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