The Add Text button found in the Layers Toolbox adds a text area to the stage where standard or rich text can be applied.

To add a text layer:

  1. Click the Add Text button in the Layer Toolbox.

  2. The text area will display on the stage and the corresponding layer will be added on the Layers panel.

  3. Type the intended copy on the text area.


Creative Studio starts with a set of web safe fonts that are commonly used and installed on most devices. Using widely available fonts ensures that the project is rendered in the way a designer intends.

Custom fonts

Custom fonts need to be manually added to the project. To add a new custom font:

  1. Select a Text layer.

  2. Click the Font Family dropdown in the Properties Panel.

  3. Click Upload font. A popup window will appear.

  4. In the popup window, browse and select the font from the local drive to import then click Open. This will upload the font and an upload progress status will appear on the lower-right corner.

  5. Once fully uploaded, the font will be available on the Font Family dropdown list.

Text layer properties

The following properties are available for a text layer in the Properties panel.

  • Font

    • Family: Name of the selected font

    • Style: Options for different versions of a font, such as bold, italic, etc.

  • Font Size: Defines the font size in pixels.

  • Color: Defines the fill color of the text.

  • Text Alignment

    • Left: Aligns the text to the left within the text container.

    • Center: Aligns the text in the center of the text container.

    • Right: Aligns the text to the right within the text container.

  • Text Decoration

    • Bold: Applies CSS bold styling in lieu of a style-specific font face.

    • Underline: Places a stroke under the text.

    • Strike Through: Places a stroke through the text.

  • Spacing: Controls the amount of separation between the characters of text.

  • Line Height: Controls the amount of space a line of text uses.

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