The Creative Studio user interface is designed to provide easy access to all of the controls needed to build a project. The following is an overview of the interface key areas:


The toolbar provides quick access to different functions and views of Creative Studio. It includes access to the Project menu, navigation between design, code and preview, Rulers, grids, and guides menu and export button.


Creative stage

The creative stage is where the project design is constructed. It reflects the dimensions of the project selected during the New Project setup and represents a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) display of the components added to it. For more information, see Creative stage.


Layers panel

The Layers Panel gives users the ability to arrange and organize the assets that make up the project content. It includes management functions such as naming, ordering, and grouping. For more details, see Layers panel.


Layers toolbox

The layers Toolbox provides convenient access to the commands that allow users to add new content to the project. For more details, see Layers toolbox.


Properties panel

The properties panel gives users the ability to control how each layer is formatted. The options available on this panel depend on the type of the selected layer. For more details, see Properties panel.


Timeline panel

The Timeline panel is located at the bottom of Creative Studio’s authoring interface. It provides animation controls and options on the selected layer component. It includes the list of all of the layers that are available for animation. Its layer order matches that of the layers panel. For more details, see Timeline panel.

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