The project menu provides general project commands and shortcuts to key capabilities in Creative Studio. It is located on the left hand side of the toolbar.


Project commands

Clicking on a project name opens a menu that provides access to the following commands:

  • Back to my projects: Returns to the Projects Page.

  • Edit: Provides option to undo or redo the latest action within the same session.

  • Save revision: Captures the current state of the project.

  • Revision history: Opens a window that contains the list of manually saved versions of the project, with revert option for each.


Note: While Creative Studio saves works automatically, Revision history records manually saved revisions that may be opened again at a later time. Selecting Revision history opens a list of all the revisions saved on the project.

Clicking the Edit submenu provides access to the following commands and data:

  • Undo: Revert to the previous state prior to the last action.

  • Redo: Return to a previous state before the Undo command is selected.

  • Edit history: The list of the previous actions (with the latest on top) that had been made on the project.

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