The creative stage is where components are placed and arranged visually.

Moving and rotating components

To move a single component, select its layer or click it directly on the stage and drag it to the corresponding position.

To move multiple components, select multiple layers by holding the Ctrl/CMD key and clicking the layers then drag them to the corresponding position.

To rotate the angle of the component.

  1. Select its layer or click it directly on the stage. A rotate handle will appear on the top center origin of the component.

  2. Click and drag the handle to the corresponding angle. This will rotate the component from its center point.


Onstage and offstage component parts

The creative stage allows components to be partially onstage and offstage. It displays onstage parts of the components while it hides the offstage parts when the component is deselected, on the preview, and on the final result of the exported ad.


When selecting the layer, the offstage component parts becomes visible to facilitate operations such as moving and rotating.



Note: The components that are completely offstage will still be exported as part of the ad. In order to see it on the creative stage, select its layer from the Layers panel.

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