The properties panel is located on the right-hand side of Creative Studio’s authoring interface. It provides controls and options on the layer selected in the Layers panel. The options displayed depend on the type of layer component that is currently selected.

Displaying properties

Selecting a single layer in the Layers Panel or clicking a single component on the Creative Stage will display its properties in the properties panel.


Selecting multiple layers will cause some properties to display “Multi” value which indicates that their properties are not all the same.

Selecting a group will only display the properties that can be adjusted for all the layers within it.



The buttons to align layers on the Creative Stage is located at the top of the Properties Panel. When a single layer is selected, the alignment command will move it to a position with respect to the Creative Stage. If multiple layers are selected, the layers are aligned with respect to each other.


Alignment options include:

  • Align Left

  • Align Center

  • Align Right

  • Align Top

  • Align Middle

  • Align Bottom

Common properties

Some properties are common across every layer type, such as Position, Size, etc. Other properties will only be displayed in the Properties Panel when a specific layer type has been selected. Common properties are located at the top of the Properties panel, specific properties at the bottom.

Refer to the article dedicated to each layer type in order to see the full list of properties:

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