Amazon Ad Server will be sunset in Q4 2024, please visit this page (AAS offboarding information) for offboarding support resources and sunset FAQs. Details shared on that page represent the most up to date information in the Help Center, if you find disparate information in other resources please default to the information in the AAS offboarding information page accordingly.

Please note that on October 1, 2024, the ability to create new campaigns, placements, and tag managers will be disabled.



A creative solution is an application of Amazon Ad Server (AAS) creative capability for a specific use-case. Creative solutions include a build guide and creative templates, including HTML workspaces and PSDs (Adobe Photoshop file format). The templates are easy-to-use, free to download.

Content used in ads built using these templates must also adhere to Amazon Ads policy if running on the Amazon DSP.

The following table includes the complete list of creative solutions, including links for each build guide, where the templates can also be downloaded.

Creative solution


Crawl DCO

A quick-turn, low cost, scaled-down DCO template perfect for new-to-DCO customers that includes three dynamic elements: A CTA, headline, and product image.

Rich media cross slider

Switch between two images by dragging a mask to reveal the one behind. Can be used to showcase a before/after type of creative.

Rich media carousel

Showcase two to five images in an interactive carousel that users can navigate thanks to previous and next buttons.

Rich media video

A video player with a customizable background image.

VAST with overlay

An AfterEffects template used to embed an overlay with a headline, image, and CTA into a video file to be used in VAST ads.

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