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Advertisers running campaigns across Amazon Ad Server (AAS) and Amazon DSP (ADSP) can now benefit from streamlined workflows to save configuration time in trafficking tags and selecting creative inputs.

Starting today, advertisers can pick ADSP creative inputs within an Ad Server placement creation and export tags through an online spreadsheet to bulk upload to ADSP. The Ad Server will also utilize the same format between AAS and ADSP so advertisers can autofill cells with similar information.



Advertisers can enjoy the new workflows with the in-banner and in-stream video placement types. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Check whether Amazon DSP permissions are granted by contacting your Amazon Ad Server representative.
  2. Connect your ADSP username under user settings. Find instructions here.
  3. Map the ADSP advertiser to the advertiser of your AAS campaign. Find instructions here.
  4. Update the ADSP fields in any placement that will be exported with this feature.
  5. Click Export to ADSP when it’s time to publish tags.

For more information, contact your Amazon Ad Server representative.

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