The Sizmek MDX platform implements three main methods with regards to filtration.

  • Full and valid user agents: This is a list of complete user agents that are known to be valid browsers and is queried by the Sizmek MDX platform as a lookup. This allows the Sizmek MDX platform to quickly identify those full user agents that are known to be valid without parsing or subsequent processing of the user agent string. Matches are confirmed as valid and bypass the remaining lists. Non-matches are processed against the remaining lists. The Sizmek MDX platform also maintains an invalid IP addresses list that is internally developed and generally represents internal IP addresses.
  • Use of a robot instruction file based on URL, user agent and/or client browser information.

    Note: No process can identify and exclude all robot activity.

  • System pattern checks: The Sizmek MDX platform monitors unusual activity that can occur.

Notes: The Sizmek MDX platform uses the filtration process based on the IAB recommended dual pass method. The Sizmek MDX platform filters any internal IP-generated impressions (e.g. QA, Monitoring, etc) and thus the reporting tools are not affected by them.

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