Agency reports are designed for in-depth analysis and can be generated during or at the end of a campaign.


  • Only accounts with agency permissions can access agency reports.
  • The reporting system processes information on a nightly basis. The data is available to end users on a "next-day" basis. There are no preliminary reports in the Sizmek MDX platform.
  • Rich Media reports: For certain rich-media campaigns, default impressions will be delivered to users in situations where the user is unable to view the designated rich media creative (for example, their browser does not support the rich media technology). These default impressions are included in Served Impressions in reporting tools. To obtain a breakdown of default impressions, please contact your client services manager.

In addition to GMT -5 Eastern Standard Time, agencies can define one additional time zone for all Sizmek MDX Analytics tools, including Agency Reports. Sizmek MDX Analytics supports the following additional time zones:

  • GMT Greenwich Mean Time
  • GMT +9 Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo
  • GMT +10 Brisbane, Guam, Sydney, Vladivostok

In Sizmek MDX Analytics, a day begins and ends at midnight according to the time zone selected for the report, a week begins on Monday, and months begin on the first of the month, according to the Gregorian calendar.

There are several agency report packages. Each package is designed for analyzing a different aspect of the campaign. Within each package are one or more report types, which provide a view of the data from different angles. Within each report type, the report can be generated at various aggregation levels.

For example, the data can be aggregated at the ad level, or at the publisher level, or in various date resolutions (days, weeks, months, etc.).

The agency report packages are:

  • Delivery Reports: This report is designed to provide delivery performance data including impressions, clicks, clickthrough rates, and so on, for all placements and ads in your campaigns:

    Delivery Summary

  • Engagement Reports: These reports are designed to provide brand engagement data including ad interactions, custom interactions, video performance, and so on, especially in relation to Expandable Banners and Out-of-Banner ads:
    • Engagement Summary
    • Expandable Banner Metrics
    • Out-of-Banner Metrics
    • Custom Interactions Metrics
    • Detailed Video Metrics
  • Conversion Reports: These reports are designed to provide post-click and post-impression data in your campaigns and allows comparing activity tags performance:
    • Conversions Summary
    • Conversions Details
    • Conversion Comparison
  • ROI and Costs Reports: This report is designed to provide data about your campaigns' return on investment performance and about the media cost:
    • ROI Summary
    • Billing Summary
    • Cost per Period
  • Unique and Frequency: These reports are designed to provide audience reach data including unique visitors, frequency and interactivity with ads:
    • Unique Metrics Summary
    • Performance by Frequency
    • Sites Unique Overlap
    • Adjusted Uniques Metrics Summary
  • Creative Comparison: These reports are designed to assist you when comparing the performance of different ad formats:
    • Creative Summary
    • Video by Ad Name
    • Expansions by Ad Name
    • Ad Format Comparison
  • Search Connect™ Reports: These reports are designed to show delivery, cost, and ROI information across display and search campaigns. These reports also provide post-click and post impression data in your campaigns, allow comparing conversion tag performance, and provide data about your campaigns' return on investment performance:
    • Search-Display Overview
    • Search Overview
    • Path to Conversion Analysis by Channel
    • Path to Conversion Analysis by Site
  • Targeting and Versioning Reports: These reports are designed to provide the tools to analyze your campaigns by target audience and ad version:

Detailed reports can be scheduled for periodic delivery in Excel format to an e-mail address.

Revised impression metrics are reported when significant excluded or invalid activity is detected for a campaign after initial reporting but within three calendar months.

  • The Sizmek MDX platform retains all electronic records (raw data) for a period of 13 months, and keeps documentation of errors of any type in published figures indefinitely. To retrieve any such material, please contact your client services manager.
  • The Sizmek MDX platform defines as "significant" a 2% and 5,000-impression margin when determining whether to reissue reported results.


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