You can customize your Ad Builder for Flash settings to meet your needs. For example, you can define the folder where all of your shared templates will be saved.


  1. From the Ad Builder for Flash panel, go to Settings > Ad Builder for Flash Settings.
  2. To define a location for all of your shared templates, in the Shared Templates Location field, click Browse then select the required folder. Each time you download a template, the template will be saved in this location.
  3. In the Smart Versioning area, select the Automatically scan Smart Versioning ads checkbox, if you want to scan your ad for dynamic elements each time you select the Smart Versioning tab. This guarantees that your ad is up to date, even if new elements were added. For more information see, Scanning your Ad for Dynamic Elements.
  4. In Ad Builder for Flash Updates area, select the Check for Updates on Startup checkbox, if you want to check for updates each time the Ad Builder for Flash panel is opened. Note: This checkbox is also available in the Ad Builder for Flash Update dialog. For more information, see Checking for Updates.
  5. In the Shared Preview area, select the Show Shared Preview Alert checkbox, if you want to display alerts to the user while using the Share Preview feature. If you clear this checkbox, then the user will not receive any notifications.
  6. Click Save.
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