You can save your ad on your computer when you want your ad to be available for future use. Your ad is not automatically saved in the Ad Builder for Flash. It will appear in the list of recent ads, but will eventually disappear from the list once the list gets too long. To make sure that your ad will always be available, it is recommended to save it to a defined location.

To save your ad:

  1. Open the ad.
  2. Go to Ad > Save As.
  3. In the Ad Name field, enter the name that you want to appear both locally and when creating the ad in the Sizmek platform.
  4. In the Ad Folder field, click Browse then search for the folder where all of the ad's assets will be saved.
  5. Select the Create a new folder for this ad checkbox, if you want to create a new folder for this ad under the main folder.
  6. Click Save.
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