The Sizmek Publisher Certification team works to confirm that our publisher partners are compatible with all Sizmek ad products. Prior to a live campaign, the certification team will ensure that Sizmek tags can be served properly, function correctly, and display as intended with each ad format in the publishers’ own environment.

Certification Process

The Sizmek Publisher Certification team follows the same certification process for each format on each publisher they certify. The team will collect specs from the publisher, available upon request from your Sizmek representative. Once specs are gathered, the team will generate a test tags based on the publisher’s ad format specs and request a test page that most closely resembles the live environment in which a campaign may run. Upon receipt of the test page, the team will test functionality of the ad ensuring the ad functions and displays as intended and that key Sizmek metrics are firing. Upon completion of testing, impression and click data is requested from the publisher and compared with Sizmek reporting for any discrepancies.


Publisher Certification Limitations

The goal of the Sizmek Publisher Certification team is to minimize display, functionality and data integrity issues prior to a live campaign. There are two common limitations to publisher certification that can cause issues with live campaigns: either the team does not receive a test page that mimics a live campaign environment, or a publisher makes updates to their environment post campaign and does not request a re-certification.

The first limitation, that the team does not receive a test page that mimics a live campaign environment, happens most often with networks, RTBs or DSPs that can run on thousands of publishers so not all scenarios can be covered.

We encourage publishers to alert their Sizmek representative when making any updates to their websites or apps and we will be happy to run a re-certification.

Sizmek Formats Requiring Certification

Formats requiring certification will be noted in Online Help, including but not limited to:

  • IAB Rising Star Ad Formats for Video, Display, and Mobile
  • HTML5 for In-Page, Mobile Web and Mobile App
  • All Mobile Web or In-App Ad Formats, including tracking tags
  • In-Stream Ad Formats, VAST and VPAID
  • Custom Publisher Units (any unit that is custom built for a publisher)


Certification with the Sizmek Publisher Certification Team is not required for in-page (non-mobile) standard banners and simple expandable flash units.

If you would like to self-certify for these formats you may do so at Welcome to the Sizmek Self-Certification Center. By passing our self-certification process, a publisher will be ready to participate in a variety of innovative and inspiring global digital campaigns with the world’s leading brands.

How to Request a Certification

If you are an agency, and are thinking about ad format for an upcoming campaign on a publisher that has not yet been certified for that ad format, please contact your Sizmek representative with the ad format you would like certified, the Publisher name, and the Publisher Account ID from Sizmek.

If you are a publisher, and would like to certify an ad format with your site(s), please contact your Sizmek representative with the ad format(s) you would like certified, Publisher name, and your Publisher Account ID from Sizmek.



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