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Video: Creating a Floating Ad from Template

You can create a Floating Ad when you want to create an ad that plays within a limited area in a transparent layer, over a Web page. The Floating Ad can be designed using a single Flash movie. Often, however, more than one Flash movie is used.

Creative Specifications

icon_Important2.gif The size limitations listed below are according to Sizmek's maximum allowed sizes. The publisher's limitations outweigh Sizmek's therefore you should check with your publisher before publishing your ad.

Size Limitations

Custom Interactions

Additional Assets

Smart Versioning

Max ad size icon_lessthan_greaterthan 10 MB

Floating icon_lessthan_greaterthan 10 MB

Additional assets icon_lessthan_greaterthan 10 MB




To create a Floating Ad:

  1. From the opening screen, click New from Scratch, then from the drop-down list select Floating Ad.
  2. In the Name field, enter a unique name for your ad.
  3. In the Ad Folder field, search for the name of the folder where you want all of your ad's assets to be saved.
  4. Select the Create a new folder for this ad checkbox, if you want to create a new folder under the selected folder. The new folder’s name will be the same as the ad’s name entered in Ad Name.
    Note: This checkbox is selected by default.
  5. Select the ActionScript version.
  6. In the Intro area, select the New radio button if you want to create a new intro asset, then enter the name of the FLA file.
    Select the Existing FLA option if you want to use an existing intro asset, then click Browse and select the FLA file.
  7. In the Size field, enter the width and height of the intro.
  8. Click Create.
    You have finished creating your ad.

To modify your ad's general settings, see Modifying your Ad's General Settings.
To add custom interactions, see Adding Custom Interactions.
To preview and position your ad, see Positioning and Previewing your Ad.
To upload your ad, see Uploading your Ad.

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