You can create a Standard Floating ad directly from the Ad Builder for Flash by creating a floating ad and uploading it to the Sizmek platform.

Note: You can only create Standard Floating ads if you have the correct permissions. If not, you will not see the checkbox in the Upload screen.

Creative Specifications

The size limitations listed below are according to Sizmek's maximum allowed sizes. The publisher's limitations outweigh Sizmek's therefore you should check with your publisher before publishing your ad.

Size Limitations

Custom Interactions

Additional Assets

Smart Versioning

Max ad size icon_lessthan_greaterthan 110 KB

Floating icon_lessthan_greaterthan 110 KB




To create a Standard Floating ad:

  1. Create a floating ad. See Creating a Floating Ad.
  2. Click Upload Ad.
  3. In the Upload Ad screen, select the Create this ad as a "Standard Floating Ad" checkbox.
    The ad is uploaded accordingly.
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