The Sizmek records impressions, clicks and interactions for all ad types. The Description of Methodology section focuses on impressions recorded with the different formats.


  • MRC certification applies only to impressions. Therefore, only Sizmek MDX Analytics tools containing impression data are considered reports that contain MRC-certified counts.
  • Certain levels of abandonment can exist. For example, when a user leaves a page before the ad is displayed, but after the code is served.
  • In cases where over-the-page or transitional ad formats are being used  the actual counting of the impression is triggered only when the user actually views the ad. In cases where the ad was downloaded to the end client machine but from some reason the ad was not displayed (for example: user abandonment) – the server does not count an impression.
  • Certain types of technologies and/or user settings within the browser may impact the counting process. For example, if JavaScript is disabled. In this case, a default image appears (for banner ads only).
  • When users disable image rendering in the web, the ad does not appear although an ad image is selected and counted upon decision. As a result, a possible overstatement of ad impressions can occur.
  • Popup blockers: Over-counting of ad impressions due to pop-up blockers is possible. However, this is under the control of publishers and is outside the scope of Sizmek.
  • Auto-refresh: Auto-refresh can have an impact on ad impressions. However, this is under the control of publishers and is outside the scope of Sizmek.
  • The above four scenarios can impact Sizmek MDX Analytics tools.
  • Users can elect to block or refuse cookies, in which case, they are not identifiable for the purpose of reporting unique cookies. Additionally, users can periodically delete their cookies, and are issued a new cookie (with a new and different value than their previous cookie). Their activity during the subsequent visit will be attributed to a new and unique cookie. To address situations such as these, Sizmek has implemented an adjustment mechanism which is described in Adjusted Uniques.
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