Syncs Ads are a group of ads that are set to be displayed on the same page at the same time, to enhance the experience of viewing the ads.

When the ads are grouped together, they are referred to as a synchronized unit.

To define the communication between the ads, you can use the SyncAds component. The SyncAds component is a communication layer that enables Sizmek ads that are playing on the same web page, to interact amongst themselves. The SyncAds component can be used either at the campaign level or the ad level. If at the campaign level, it enables two ads that are in the same campaign to communicate, or if at the ad level, it enables assets within the ad to communicate. For more information, see SyncAds API Information AS2 or SyncAds API Information AS3.

Sync Ads Rules and Limitations:

  • You can add up to three ads to synchronize with the current ad.
  • You cannot mix floating and non-floating ad formats when creating Sync Ads.
  • You cannot add an ad that is being used in another sync ads group.

To define a Sync Ad:

  1. Open your ad.
  2. Go to Settings > Advanced Features.
  3. Expand the Sync Ads section.
  4. To add an ad, click Add Ad.
  5. (optional) Repeat step #4 for the next ads you want to add.
  6. To remove an ad from the sync ads group, click Remove Ad.
  7. Click Save.
    You can now preview your Sync Ads to see all of the ads displayed on the same page at the same time. For more information, see Previewing an Ad.
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