Validate your Ad is Set Up Correctly

Before you upload your ad to the Sizmek platform you can check to make sure that your ad is set-up correctly. If there are any errors, you will be informed and then you can fix the errors on the spot. For example, if you are missing a default image, you will have to first add one and then you will be able to upload your ad.

You do not have to validate your ad, instead you can take the chance and upload it to the Sizmek platform. If any errors occur during the upload you will have to fix them and then upload the ad again. By validating your ad, you are skipping this unnecessary step.

To validate your ad:

  1. Open the ad you are validating.
  2. Click icon_validate.
    If the ad is valid and contains no errors you will see a green checkmark as follows:


If the ad contains errors, a dialog will be displayed with the errors. For example, in the screenshot below, a default image is missing:


  1. Fix the errors, for example, add your default image, then upload your ad to the Sizmek platform.

    The following are possible errors that may occur:
    • Error - The ad size exceeds 10M
    • Error - The default image is missing
    • Error - The ad has more than 5 panels
    • Error - The ad has more than 100 additional assets
    • Error - The default image size exceeds 70KB
    • Error - The default banner size exceeds 70KB
    • Error - The ad size exceeds 100KB
    • Error - The banner image size exceeds 100KB
    • Error - The ad part related file cannot be found
    • Error - The ad's related files cannot be found
    • Error - The Intro exceeds 10MB
    • Error - The Reminder exceeds 140KB
    • Error - The Mini Site exceeds 10MB
    • Error - A duplicate file name exists
    • Warning - The ad is missing the Single Expandable component
    • Warning - The ad file and ad dimensions are equal
    • Warning - There is sound on the first frame in the ad's timeline
    • Warning - There is a Movie Clip or a Component object on the first frame
    • Warning - The Default Banner and the Rich Banner are not the same size
    • Warning - Relevant EB initiation code is missing
  2. If you are working on several ads and you want to keep track of all your errors, you can use the Paste To Output Panel option. This way you can go back and make the appropriate changes where necessary.

Uploading Modes

If you have validated and previewed your ad to make sure everything works correctly, then you can now upload your ad to the Sizmek platform. You have a few options for uploading your ad, see one of the options below for more information:

  • Upload Entire Ad: Uploads the entire ad including the ad's assets to the Sizmek platform.
  • Upload Single Asset: Uploads one asset to the Sizmek platform. This can be useful when you want to use your Flash assets when creating ads in Sizmek.
  • Bundle Ad for Upload: Bundles the ad's assets required for upload (SWFs, default image and videos) in order to send them out for someone else to upload. Use this option if you don't have a Sizmek login.

Important: You must make sure that the Ad Builder for Flash panel is open when uploading your ad. If it is collapsed, the upload will fail.

You can upload an entire ad when you want to upload the ad and its assets to the Sizmek platform. This enables you to use the Sizmek platform to preview your ad, make necessary changes, send the ad for review, etc.

There are two places that you can upload your ad, either from the Ad menu, or from the Ad Builder for Flash panel. The following process describes how to upload from the Ad Builder for Flash panel.

- You cannot override ads that are attached in the Sizmek platform.
- The maximum size for an ad to be uploaded is 10M.

To upload an entire ad:

  1. Open the ad.
  2. Click icon_upload_MMWs.
    A new browser opens.
    Do not close the browser until the ad finishes uploading, otherwise the upload will fail.
    Note: The Ad Builder for Flash is not available during the upload process.
  3. Enter your username and password to sign in to the Sizmek platform.
  4. In the Upload Ad screen, select the Rename (In Sizmek) checkbox if you want to rename the ad when it is uploaded to the Sizmek platform.
  5. Enter the new name.
    Note: This does not change the name of the ad in the Ad Builder for Flash.
  6. In the Upload Assets to field, click Select to browse for the name of the folder where you want the assets to be uploaded to.
  7. Select the Create a new folder for this ad checkbox, if you want your ad and its assets to be placed in a sub-folder under the main folder.
    By default the new folder name is the name of the ad.
  8. Click Upload Ad.
    The ad is uploaded successfully.
  9. Click Update Ad to update the existing ad with all the changes that were made in the Ad Builder for Flash. This will override the existing ad's properties and all of its assets.
    • Click Cancel to return to the Ad Builder for Flash.
    • Rename the ad in the Ad Builder for Flash, then upload the ad again. For more information, see Renaming the Ad.
    • If you upload an ad to a folder and that folder contains the same asset as the one in the Sizmek platform you have three options:
  10. Select Rename Asset, if you want to rename a single asset that already exists.
     Enter the new name in the field.
  11. Select Rename All if more than one asset already exists and you want to rename all the assets with the same name.
  12. In the Asset Name field, enter the new name for all the assets.
    Note: This option saves you time and allows you to rename all the assets at once.
  13. Select Use the Existing Asset if you want to use the asset that was defined in the Sizmek platform not the one in the Ad Builder for Flash.
  14. Click Ok.
    If another asset already exists repeat the above procedure.
    Once the ad is uploaded successfully you can do one of the following:
    • To share a preview of the ad, click Copy to Clipboard then email the URL to a colleague, media agency, etc.
    • To edit the ad's setting, click Edit Ad Online. For more information, see Editing the Ad in Sizmek.
    • To preview the ad in Sizmek, click Preview Ad Online, For more information, see Previewing the Ad in Sizmek.
  1. To return to the Ad Builder for Flash, click X to close the browser window, then click Close Window to continue working.
You can upload a single asset when you want a particular asset to be available for use in the Sizmek platform. You can only upload one asset at a time. Once the asset is uploaded, you have to edit the ad and then connect the new asset to the ad in the Sizmek platform.

If you change the names of custom interactions in your ad and then upload the changes, make sure that in the Sizmek platform you update the custom interaction names manually on the asset.

To upload a single asset:

  1. Open the ad.
  2. Go to Ad > Upload Single Asset.
    A new browser opens with a list of all the available assets.
    The Ad Builder for Flash is not available during the upload process.
  3. From the Ad Builder for Flash Files pane, select the asset you are uploading and click icon_forward.
        If the asset already exists, select one of the following options:
    • Override: This overrides the existing asset with the new asset. All properties of this asset will be overridden with the new asset's properties. This will also affect all ads that are using this asset.
      Click View Asset's Related Ads to view all ads that are using this asset.
    • Rename Asset: This allows you to rename the asset so that it doesn't override an existing asset.
  4. When you are done, click Upload.
    • To upload another asset, repeat steps 2 and 3.
    • To return to the Ad Builder for Flash, close the browser.

This option enables you to send your ad to someone else for upload. The bundle file can then be opened and someone else can continue to work on it.

Note: The ad can only be bundled once all the requirements are met. For example, if a default image is missing, you will not be able to bundle the ad until you have added the default image.

To bundle an ad for upload:

  1. Open the ad you are bundling for upload.
  2. From the Ad menu, select Bundle Ad for Upload.
  3. In the Bundle File Location field, click and select a location for your bundle.
  4. Click Bundle for Upload.
    All the ad’s assets are saved to a file (*.ebs) with the same name as the ad.
    The Progress bar indicates when the bundle is created and ready for upload. A text box contains a summary of your newly created bundled ad, which includes the bundle location and bundle size.
  5. Click Open Bundle Location.
    The folder containing the bundled ad is opened containing the .ebs file.
    You may now send the .ebs file to someone else for upload.

Troubleshooting Uploading Ads

The following are some possible issues that may prevent a successful upload of your ads/assets to the Sizmek platform. If you receive an error during upload, first take a look at this list, try and fix your issue and then upload your ad again. If this doesn't help, then please contact your Creative Producer.

Make sure the following code is defined on the 1st frame of your timeline:

Note: Pay attention, if you are creating a Standard Banner, the code is different.

All ad formats except for Standard Banner:

Note: Adding the EBBase.Init adds extra weight to your ad. It adds 3.47 KB for AS2 and 5.90 KB for AS3.

ActionScript 2.0:


ActionScript 3.0:


For Standard Banners only:

Note: Adding the EB.Std adds extra weight to your ad. It adds 0.619 KB for AS2 and 1.06 KB for AS3.

ActionScript 2.0:


ActionScript 3.0:


Make sure that Export SWC checkbox is not selected as follows:

  1. Go to File > Publish Settings > Flash > SWF Settings:


  1. If the Export SWC checkbox is selected, clear it.
  2. Click Ok to save your settings.

If you are working in CS5 in AS3 and you have TLF text in your Flash file, make sure the default linkage is merged into code as follows:

  1. Go to File > Publish Settings.
  2. Select the Flash tab as follows:


  1. Next to the Script ActionScript 3.0 field, click Settings.


  1. From the Default Linkage drop-down, select Merged into code.
  2. Click Ok to save your changes.

In situations when using complex foreign fonts, the upload may fail. To handle these specific situations, it is recommended to use a common unicode font like Arial.

If you must use the specific font, then consider completely breaking apart your text elements if possible.

If you uploaded an element with an unexpected file type, the upload will fail. This can happen when you rename files without the correct file type. For example, if you rename a jpeg image from image.jpg to image.swf by mistake.

Always make sure that your assets have genuine SWF file extensions to avoid any problems.

If you upload an ad and the frame name was declared more than once under different layers, you will receive an error.


Make sure that the frame name is declared once under the same layer as follows:


Or like this:



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