When switching a Smart Versioning ad to Multiple Versions, all versions are marked as invalid under the Status column, represented by an orange ! icon.


The start date for a version is later than the end date, which is of course impossible.

Correct the dates to make sense.

If a field has a value but is mapped to a null value in the feed, this will cause an error in validating the version.

Update the field so that the data is compatible.

There is currently a bug where from ticket 58849 where, if an ad is switched to Multiple Versions, an Excel is imported, then a data feed is subscribed to, the versions will all appear as invalid.

Barring any other validity checks, this is only a bug on the status and has no effect on the ad. Even if the version is actually valid, the bug will cause it to show as invalid.

As a workaround, you can do one of the following:

  • Make some change to each version in the data feed and import it. This can be any change, such as a new field, but the point is for there to be some change. This will cause the status to update, and you can then revert it by re-importing the previous data feed.
  • Escalate for R&D to run a fix on the back end.

If the asset path or ID is incorrect the version will be changed to 'Invalid'.

If the version is not intended to have flash or image assets defined then updating the versions via excel (or manually) will resovle the 'Invalid' status.

Still need help?

If none of the above resolved your issue, please contact support and provide:

  • Ad ID
  • Creative assets
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