The platform supports uploading creative assets when building the ad or can be used as Smart Versioning image items. 

The additional assets are required to be saved in a dedicated AdditionalAssets folder and are uploaded as part of the Workspace zip. 

Rules and Guidelines
  • Do not place your assets in subfolders within the AdditionalAssets folder because the system ignores subfolders.
  • The default image cannot be an additional asset and cannot serve as a Smart Versioning item.
  • Supported image types: GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs.

After you upload the Workspace to the platform, the AdditionalAssets folder is automatically created and viewable by all users. The AdditionalAssets folder is parallel to the Workspace folder. The Workspace name is added as a prefix to the asset folder's name as follows: <&Workspace Name>_AdditionalAssets. 

The AdditionalAssets folder in the platform functions similarly to the Creative Assets folder allowing you to perform a wide range of asset related actions. If you re-upload a Workspace to the platform, the existing Workspace is overwritten. Any additional assets that were added to the  AdditionalAssets folder but were not uploaded as part of the Workspace are deleted.

You can add Smart Versioning functionality to your images using additional asset implementation. For more information, see HOW TO: Configure Smart Versioning Images Using Additional Assets in Workspaces.


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