You can configure dynamic creative  images using additional assets in Workspaces. For more information on the Additional Assets folder in the Workspace, see OVERVIEW: Uploading and Managing Additional Assets for Workspaces.

The following example displays the SampleWorkspace Workspace including the AdditionalAssets folder with four images. Only two of the images are intended to be Smart items, the Chrysamthemum_small.jpg and the Koala_small.jpg.

Converting an image to a smart item requires that you manually assign an ordinal number to the relevant images in the config.js file. In this example, two assets are required to be tagged as Smart items in the config.js file. Ordinal number 1 is assigned to the Chrysanthemum_small.jpg image, and  ordinal number 2 is assigned to Koala_small.jpg. 

 Additional Asset Implementation in the Config.js

    "SV": {
        "svData": [{
            "svKey": "pic1",
            "svType": "Image",
            "value": "1"
        }, {
            "svKey": "pic2",
            "svType": "Image",
            "value": "2"

    "AdditionalAssets": [{
        "OrdinalNumber": 1,
        "FileName": "Chrysanthemum_small.jpg"
    }, {
        "OrdinalNumber": 2,
        "FileName": "Koala_small.jpg"

For information about adding images as Smart items in the config.js, see HOW TO: Add Dynamic Creative Functionality to Your HTML5 Ads.

Once you upload the Workspace to the platform, all the additional assets are displayed in the the Creative Assets section however only two of the images are tagged as Smart items in the Smart Items List. Images that are not defined as Smart items automatically receive a random ordinal number upon upload.

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