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Important: Accessing the platform requires a dedicated username and password. To gain access permissions, please contact your Sizmek client services manager.

You create your Flash ads in Ad Builder for Workshop and then upload them to the platform from within Workshop. Sizmek supports two platforms, MDX2.0 and Sizmek Advertising Suite.

  1. In Ad Builder for Flash, click Sizmek Workshop - Preferences window.
  2. In the Sizmek Settings section, select one of the following:
    • MDX2.0 or Sizmek Advertising Suite: Select one of the options, when working on a single platform.
    • Both, Set as default: Select this option, when working in both platforms interchangeably. In addition, set the default platform to be used for the most dominantly used platform.
      In this example, MDX2.0 was originally defined as the default platform and you select Sizmek Advertising Suite from the Platform list.
  3. Click Sign In.



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