The Creative AdKit declaration replaces the standard EBLoader declaration. This action automatically updates the index.html with dynamic adkit-HTML data when the ad is served.

You can replace this declaration because AdKit references the EBLoader, while retaining all the existing  EBLoader functionality.

    1. Open index.html in a text editor.
    2. Copy the following code to the index.html file.

      Note: Ads running on secure HTTPS servers should use:
      <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    3. Remove the existing EBLoader declaration from index.html.
    4. Add the AdKit load-wait code which replaces the EBLoader load-wait code.
      Many ads use EBLoader APIs to perform a variety of actions, and include code which waits for EBLoader to load before referencing any API functions.
      The EBLoader code segment usually looks like this: (In this example, "startAd" is the name of the JS function which executes after EBLoader has loaded).


   if (!EB.isInitialized()){
            EB.addEventListener(EBG.EventName.EB_INITIALIZED, startAd);

          This is the AdKit replacement code.



  1. Test your ad to see that this transition is successful, that your ad previews and serves correctly.
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    Jean-Baptiste De Besombes

    OK but this doesn't explain why we should use AdKit.js more than EBLoader ? plus Adkit.js weights 55Ko where EBLoader is 7Ko, so not exactly the same impact on ad total weight, specially for standard banners...