The Data Feed service allows you to import data from Sizmek's data warehouse into your local reporting systems using an automatic process.

  • Smooth setup process
  • A fully secured environment for data transmission

Focal Points

  • MDX Data Feed: Support
  • Custom Solution Data Feed: Refer to Custom Reports Team

Data Feed Types

MDX Data Feed Feature
  • Report Builder's Delivery Options > External FTP
  • Attribution Report Builder's Delivery Options > External FTP

Standard Data Feed

(handled by Custom Development Team)

  • Predefined structure
  • Easy integration
Custom Data Feed

(handled by Custom Development Team)

  • Specially custom tailored-data
  • Suits specific needs
Cookie Level Data
  • The lowest available data granularity - Ad server log files
  • The data on which the regular ad-server reports are based upon
  • Row per event
  • Cookie information - User Level Information

Troubleshooting Guide

 No Troubleshooting Guide for this Subtopic yet. 


Overview (full manual is here: Custom Development Request Training Manual.docx)

Data Feeds - When creating a request for a custom data feed the Project Request Type selected should be 'Data Feed'.  Additionally the Data Feed Type should be selected.

  • Standard data feed (click here to learn more about our standard data feed offering)
  • Defects in a Data Feed.
  • New Data Feed requests.
  • General questions regarding custom capabilities.

See Attribution Report Builder > Filter Conversion Tags or Groups for a Data Feed

Common Issues

Category Issues
Automatic Safecount Integration

Notes / Quick Help

No Notes / Quick Help entry for this Subtopic yet. 

Official Documentation

- Custom Development
- Custom Data Solutions Offering (Custom Reports, Data Feeds, Cookie level Data)

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy & Flexible Integration in local data warehouse.

Transferring large amounts of data (raw data, P2C).

Allows secure data transfer.

Data analyzing - Raw Data as a better source.

▸Different data levels

▸Various metrics

  • Delivery
  • Expansions
  • Video
  • Conversions
  • Custom interactions
  • Search
  • Unique data on a weekly level

▸Possible Output File Types

  • CSV
  • TXT
  • XML

▸Execution Frequency -Daily, weekly, monthly, one time

▸Data Transfer Methods : -FTP, Secures FTP, email

CLD Mechanism - What we collect

The CLD feed provides data separated into three main groups:

  • Standard Events - Impressions & Clicks for Display ads, Clicks for search keywords using CC4S.
  • Rich Events - System Interactions, Custom Interactions, video interactions & panels (for Display ads).
  • Conversion Events - Conversion level activity data for advertisers using EB conversion tags.
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