This is a collection of issues were a notification email from the platform is showing that the XML Feed load has failed due to errors.


  • Smart / Mass Versioning
  • Error message received in the email alert after failed XML feed import


Error: The field 'id' is not unique in the XML

The current version of our Data Feed reader does not comply with all well formatted and valid XML structures. The current error may deceive as the id values of the data feed were unique.

The system will not accept data with Namespaces (e.g. g:id, dash "-" (cta-color) ), sub-levels inside an item and multiple additional entries.

Example of issues causing the Data Feed to fail:

Corrected Data Feed that passed validations:

Error: The Version Unique Identifier / Classification column (g:id) does not exist in the xml

The selected column from the Subscribe to a Data Feed form on the platform will not be found during the import process due to Namespaces used (e.g. g:id).

Error: The following versions have failed to update

Platform delay may cause the error. We should verify with NOC if they are seeing any performance issues with the platform.


Case Examples

Ticket ID Summary
6856 Platform delay caused the failed XML feed import.
111120 DCO subscribe to data feed XML problem.
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