What is Coremetrics

Coremetrics provides web analytics and marketing optimization solutions.

What is required to integrate with Coremetrics?

A Coremetrics query string should be appended to the end of each ad's landing page URL.

Supported Ad formats

Format Supported
Out of banner


Coremetrics will provide a query string that should be appended to all destination URLs.  The query string will have four placeholders, namely Vendor, Category, Placement, and Item. 

Example of query string:[Vendor]-_-[Category]-_-[Placement]-_-[Item]

Examples of possible placeholder values:

Traffic Type Vendor Category Placement Item Example
Affiliate Banner Ads Affiliate Economist Website Homepage Banner Website -_-Homepage-_-Banner
E-mail Newsletter February General Buyers Blouse -_-February  -_-General Buyers-_-Blouse
Google Paid Keyword  Google Branding Keyword  Onlinestore -_-Keyword -_-Onlinestore


In-banner, Out-of-Banner, Tracking pixels

  1. Prepare the Coremetrics query string by replacing the placeholders with either static values (hard coded) or dynamic values (Sizmek tokens).
  2. Add the Coremetrics query string to the end of the destination URLs.
  3. Assign the full URL to the ads.  This can be done on the ad level or using the Ad URLs Plan.

For more information, see Update Ad URLs and Interactions.  

Search Connect (Formerly CC4S)

  1. The search team at the advertiser or agency should prepare the Coremetrics query string by hard-coding appropriate values for each placeholder.
  2. The new URLs should be uploaded to the search engine by the advertiser or agency search team.
  3. The Search Connect setup wizard should be run so that Sizmek wraps the new URLs in the search engine.

For more information, see HOW TO: Set up Search Connect.

Addtional Information

  • Coremetrics has four levels of hierarchy, namely Vendor, Category, Placement, and Item. These are represented by the parameter placeholders in the Coremetric query string.
  • All parameter placeholders must have a value.  Replace the parameter placeholders with NULL or NA if there are no values available.
  • All the parameter must be separated by -_-.
  • Use letters, numbers, and dashes for the URL parameter.
  • Use hex encoding for special characters.

Tip: Sizmek Token Support: All tokens are enabled automatically but can be managed on the Sizmek platform. For more information, see Ad Tokens to URLs.


For support on this integration, please contact your Sizmek client services manager.


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