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Text conveys the main message in the ads using headings and short descriptions. Ad Builder for HTML5 supports a wide range of fonts and text settings, allowing you to convey a rich and strong message in your ad.

  1. In Ad Builder for HTML5 > Components click Text.
  2. To add text to the text field, double-click the text element.
  3. Enter the text, and then use the text editor to change the text properties. For example, you can change the color of text, bold text, or right-align text.
  4. You can modify the properties for a text field in the Properties dialog box.
    The following table describes the fields.



Add Custom Font From:

Determines whether to add an additional font to the Font Family drop-downlist. Double-clicking the text element enables you to access this list.

You can do one of the following:

  • Import additional web fonts from Google or Adobe.
    1. In the Custom Font from field, click  .
      The Add New Webfont dialog opens.
    2. In the Embed Code field, enter or paste the HTML tag that you created in Google or Adobe webfonts.
    3. In the Font Name field, type the name exactly as it appears in Google or Adobe, depending on your source.
    4. Click Add Font.
      The font is added to the Font Family list.
  • Add custom fonts.
    • Click  and select a font from the platform. You can upload TTF and WOFF fonts types to serve as custom fonts in the Text component. 
    • Click  and select the font directly from your desktop.

When the font is uploaded, it is added to the text editor and the to the Font Family list. This allows you to simply select the font anywhere in the ad.


 Smart Item

Adds smart versioning functionality to the component. For more information, see HOW TO: Add a Smart Version Item to Your Ad in Ad Builder for HTML5

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