A Smart Versioning ad does not display the Smart Items which have been set up. The ad loads fine but text and images are missing.


  • Ad Preview
  • Smart / Mass Versioning

Required information

  • Ad ID


If the version XML returns 404 error (missing):

Try copying the ad or re-save one of the versions.

During investigation one of the ads was copied to a test placement for editing. However, after being copied the ad was working perfectly and the XML was no longer returning a 404 error.

The root of the issue was that the XML path was incorrect, which caused the 404 error. Cause of the issue was most likely a one time event where something corrupted the XML path. (sync issue)

Case Examples

Ticket IDSummary
12956 Smart Versioning ad was not loading the smart items, after re-saving the version, it initiated sync again and the item version XML path was correctly saved resulting in the ad working correctly. You an also try copying the ad if re-saving does not fix the issue.
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