A Mass Versioning ad was reported to be serving blank on the publishers page. The ad appeared to be working correctly when previewed in the platform and when tested on localhost. The ad was loading in product images from the advertisers server. The publishers page where the ad was appearing blank used secure https. When testing the ad on a secure page on demo server the ad appeared blank. It could be seen in Fiddler that the flash etc. content was all loading in, but the swf appeared blank.


  • DCO / Mass Versioning (flash) ad
  • Product images loaded from advertisers server
  • Secure / insecure publisher page

Required information

  • Placement ID
  • Ad ID
  • Test page from publisher (optional)


The problem may be that the advertisers crossdomain.xml file was configured to allow our ads to load content in only when served by our insecure domain. When the ad swf was served from the swf was not allowed to load in the image due to a security error.

To fix it the advertiser needed to add the following line to the crossdomain.xml file on their server:

<allow-access-from domain="" secure="true" />
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