This document provides information on rich media formats that Sizmek supports for New York Times website.

General Guidelines

  • Make sure all clickthroughs including default have “Close Ad Parts” unchecked
  • All tags should be set to "Auto-Detect"


The NYT Billboard has a “Static” and “Animated” mode which is rolled into one frequency capped unit, where animation is auto initiated for the first 3 impressions per user then switches to either a user-inititated animation model or a static one. The unit always auto expands. The animation within the unit is the only frequency capped requirement. This custom ad is built using the attached template and build guide. Please download both and review thoroughly.

This is a 970x250 expanded panel that shifts down the content and collapses to 970x90.

Template workspaces and build guide can be downloaded below

  • 970x250 expanded panel collapsing to 970x90
  • Auto initiated expansion
  • Auto initiated animation for the first 3 impressions per user per day
  • Expanded panel needs to show first; Collapsed banner only after click to close
  • Show Ad text is required in the upper right corner of the collapsed banner
  • Close Ad text is required in the upper right corner of the expanded panel
  • The top right 105x35 pixel area of the ad must be free of logos, text, or patterns to ensure legibility
  • The border frame must stay within iframe and have a complete border
Animated Version Notes:
  • Auto Animation can be no longer than :30
Static Version Notes:
  • This is a version of the ad that on expansion shows ONE of the following:
    • the end frame of the "Animated" version and does not show the animation automatically
    • shows only a static image
  • If the version is a user-initiated animation, then it must include a "replay" button in the top left of the expanded panel that will replay the animation if clicked
  • If it only has a static image, a "replay" button is not required

Default Image Notes:

  • Be sure the default image has no click to expand text or CTA
  • Be sure to remove the "Close Ad" text from the default image


Downloads (updated 4/12/2016)

New York Times Billboard Template and Build Guide (zip)

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