The Client Onboarding Programs provide both Full Service and Self Service clients with a means by which to become familiar with Sizmek Open Ad Management. The Client Onboarding Programs consist of Zendesk links to training videos, documentation, hands-on exercises, and a column for the CSM to include the Training Schedule.

Full Service clients would benefit from understanding what they need to provide to Sizmek’s Operations Team, how, and why, to better and more efficiently traffic their ads.  Self Service clients would benefit from becoming able to effectively and efficiently traffic campaigns and build ads on  their own.

The onboarding should take place when a new client starts using Sizmek as well as when a new hire joins the client’s team, unless the client has their own internal training.


Media Onboarding Program: Client Onboarding - Media.docx

Creative Onboarding Program: Client Onboarding - Creative.docx


IMPORTANT: Sizmek provides you the option to use the Client Onboarding & Training Account (ID: 111688) instead of using your personal account. This account is shared by all trainees, internal and external. For access, contact your client services manager. Any information or assets that you input or upload into this account may be viewed, used, and/or downloaded by trainees with account access.

Do not use confidential information or other proprietary content in this account.


1. As part of the Client Onboarding, a Client Service Manager (CSM) will work with you to create a training schedule. The schedule should be flexible and conducive to the your needs.

2. Once a schedule is determined, the CSM and CSE will conduct the below trainings.

  • The Platform, conducted by the CSM
  • Analytics, conducted by the CSM
  • Creative, conducted by the CSE

3. You may then choose whether the remainder of your onboarding will consist of hands-on exercises or live ad serving (if you need to start launching campaigns immediately).

  • If you would like to continue the onboarding process through live ads, the CSM/CSE will guide you through the process for your first few campaigns as well as answer any questions.
  • If you want to complete the onboarding program, the CSM will work with you to create a schedule for you to go through the videos and complete the exercises.

4. Throughout your onboarding and beyond, your CSM and CSE will serve as a resource and point of contact for any questions.

Happy Learning!

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