Dynamic Retargeting tag for MassVersioning ad didn’t seem to do anything. A randomly selected ad was served, no matter what Dynamic Retargeting tag the user had been exposed to.


  • MDX 2.0

Required information

  • Ad ID
  • Version ID
  • Preview page


  • The tag had been implemented in such a way that the dynamic retargeting values supplied in the tag did not exactly match the retargeting values in the MassVersioning Ad (which in this case came from an xml feed). In this particular case there were extra comma ( , ) characters in the values in the tag which were not present in the xml. It looked like the advertiser was expecting to be able to supply a comma separated list into the tag. When the comma was present, the http response would not write any value into the G1 field in the cookie, so there was nothing there to be read when the ad was loaded.

    Change values either in the ad or on the advertisers page so that they all match exactly. There’s no specific prohibition on commas if the comma is included on both the ad and the tag. It’s usually easier to change the ad to match the page.


HOW TO: Use Dynamic Retargeting on Ad tags

Notes / Quick Help

  • Retargeting Tags will not work for Placement Test Tags ( with parameter &t=1). In fiddler, the test tags does not accept those cookies - see some fiddler action here: Non test tag vs test tag

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