DCO ads take longer to copy than regular, ads.

As a result the MDX 2.0 platform has a limitation on the number of versions that can be copied at any one time.

DCO ads when copied will only copy a maximum of 200 versions, it does not throw an error.
Reference here Copy/Assign DCO Ad.



  • Export the versions of the ad you wish to copy into an excel file: 
  • Copy the ad without versions,
  • In the new ad, import the versions of the advert that you wish to copy.

This can also add the versions by creating an XML feed using Feedifier and subscribing the new Ad to the XML feed

**NOTE:** Feedifier is still in beta and not officially supported.

Case Examples

Ticket ID Summary
127834 Copy DCO Ad Issue
129947 All the ad versions won't get copied when copying the ad..
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