The Context data point shows how many impressions in your campaign appeared alongside contextual information classified into any of the 40 categories, such as Education or Real Estate.

To ensure that your ads run in the context that you intend, you can do the following:

  • Before you implement a media buy, determine which types of context your target audience is most likely to view.
  • In programmatic environments, use Peer39's contextual targeting and content categories to find better-performing inventory.
  • Look for trends to see if sites with particular content types are more likely to generate higher viewability or performance metrics. 

For more information about Peer39 semantic technology and content, see OVERVIEW: Peer39 Semantic Classification.

Important: Context categories are available in varying degrees for pre-bid targeting, creative targeting, and post-buy verification. See REFERENCE: Media Relevance Metrics and Categories Grid and REFERENCE: Media Relevance Metrics and Categories Glossary for more information.

Contextual Categories

These are the contextual categories that Peer39 recognizes. Both Peer39 clients and non-Peer39 clients see these categories in the Verification dashboard and reporting. Click a category to see its contextual subcategories. 

Arts and Entertainment Automotive
Business Career
Education Environment
Food and Beverage Health
Home and Garden News
Parenting and Kids Personal Finance
Pets Real Estate
Recreation and Games Reference
Relationships Sciences
Seasonal Sentiment
Shopping Society
Sports Style and Fashion
Technology and Computing  Travel 

Important: All of the contextual subcategories are available for post-buy verification (no ad serving, Peer39 clients).

Note: Verification contextual categories represent top-level categories in the IAB taxonomy.

Arts and Entertainment

Content on general culture and entertainment (performing arts, theater), TV, and horoscopes. 

Subcategory Examples
Awards Shows Academy awards, Grammy awards, MTV Video Music awards
Books and Literature Reviews and recommendations on books, authors, poetry
Celebrities Public entertainment personas, including celebrity gossip and style
  • Royal Baby - pregnancy of Kate Middleton, Prince William, and the birth of the royal baby
Comics and Animation Comic books, animated TV shows, comic strips
Dining Out Restaurant reviews, trends, best deals
Movies and Videos Movies in theaters, DVD sales, reviews
Music New music, artists, events
Online Graphics and Themes Wallpapers, avatars, screen savers
Satirical News Spoof legitimate news outlets to make a joke or satirical statement
Television TV shows, series, reviews, releases, announcements
Visual Arts Exhibits in museums/galleries, concerts, opera, ballet


Content that discusses any automotive-related issues. This top level category includes sublevels and additional items may be specific to companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and selling of vehicles. 

Subcategory Examples
Buying and Selling Selling cars, consumer reports, market trends
Insurance Auto insurance for cars and trucks, consumer-related analysis
Maintenance How-to tips, preventive maintenance
Manufacturers Content about auto manufacturers
  • Acura
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Infiniti
  • Jaguar
  • Kia
  • Land Rover
  • Lexus
  • Lincoln
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Porche
  • Scion
  • Smart
  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo
Vehicles Model types like hybrids, luxury cars, minivans
  • Vehicles: Hybrids
  • Vehicles: Luxury Cars
  • Vehicles: Minivans
  • Vehicles: Motercycles
  • Vehicles: Passenger Cars
  • Vehicles: Sports Cars
  • Vehicles: SUVs


General content on Business and Economics.  This content includes news, blogs, commentary on any business or manufacturing sector, media, advertising, trade, and similar topics. It also includes economic news in the U.S. and market coverage, reports on the labor market, and other economic indicators. 

Subcategory Examples
Agriculture Farming equipment and conditions, agricultural economics, animals
Economic Crisis Stock market crash, job losses, recession
Economics Analysis, academic discussions
Small Business Franchises, start-ups, marketing


Content about employment, jobs seekers, the job market, career planning, career advice, hiring trends (for example, how to perform well, how to advance and/or succeed at the workplace), trends in the workplace, and how to deal with office life. Also includes grade school-related professional courses and information on working towards a career.


Teaching and education content at all levels: preschool through college or university, education news, trends, public discussions, informational sites and financing education.


Content on energy, climate change, green living, pollution, endangered species, political discussions, and policies related to the environment including products and businesses.

Subcategory Examples
Conservation Tips to conserve resources, information on meet-up groups and organizations that focus on conservation
Energy Environmentally-friendly energy consumption, green alternatives (for example, fossil fuels and hybrid cars)
Global Warming Global warming and climate change along with ways to reduce environmental impact
Green Living Tips for green living, green lifestyles, and green Earth-friendly products

Food and Beverage

General Food & Beverage content such as reviews, food experiences, and food history.

Subcategory Examples
Alcoholic Drinks Recipes, wine tasting, new drinks in the market
Baking Recipes, advice, equipment
Cooking Equipment, recipes, advice
Healthy Eathing Recipes, advice, articles
Recipes Reipes for cooking and baking all types of dishes and foods across cultures 
Vegetarian Meat alternatives, nutrition


General content about health and well-being. For example, the health of a certain population, people being more aware of their health, ways to prevent sickness, and ways to improve your health.

Subcategory Examples
Conditions and Diseases Information and treatment options
  • Allergies
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
Dental Oral health, dentists/orthodontists, avoid cavities
Diet and Fitness Exercise, lose weight, success stories
Men Diseases, male-only conditions
Mental Psychological or psychiatric conditions, medicine, therapy
Optical Vision, diseases, surgery
Sexual Health STDs, treatment, conditions
Treatment Prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, homeopathic remedies
Women Yeast infections, female reproduction, breast cancer

Home and Garden

Content about maintaining, designing, decorating, home and garden, interior design, home repair and improvement, gardening, furniture, and architecture.

Subcategory Examples
Cleaning and Laundry Products, how-to tips
Decorating Home design, organization, seasonal decor
Do It Yourself Building/modifying/repairing, decorating
Home Theater TVs, speakers, DVD/Blu-ray players
Lawn and Garden Care and maintenance, products, tips, tools
Remodling & Construction Room extensions, makeovers, fixtures


General content that includes the following subcategories (with examples):

Subcategory Examples
Accidents Vehicle, physical accidents, and accidents at work or during leisure
Africa and Middle East Regional news and current events specific to Africa and the Middle East
Asia Pacific Regional news and current events specific to Asia Pacific
Australia and New Zealand Regional news and current events specific to Australia and New Zealand
Commuting Traffic information, rail and road news, maps
Crime Crime and/or wrongdoing against humans, property, or companies
Disasters Naturally occurring disasters and/or forces of nature that cause damage and/or pain, usually involving casualties
Europe Regional news and current events specific to Europe
Government Laws, bills, elections
Health Care Policies, law reformation, FDA
Latin America Regional news and current events specific to Latin America
Local Current events specific to a localized area
Negative News Content about Crime, Accidents, Death, Police, Military, Disasters, or Terror
Politics Government activities, party activities, elections
Transportation Safety-related content, traffic, modes of transportation
US and Canada Regional news and current events specific to the USA and Canada
War and Terror Terrorism, terrorists, and terror attacks
Weather Upcoming storms and natural disasters

Parenting and Kids

General content that provides advice to parents on how to manage their household and family activities and may not be covered by a specific sublevel category.

Subcategory Examples
Babies Activities, health-related content, developmental information
Pregnancy Stages, risks, prenatal care

Personal Finance

Content about individual or family monetary decisions. It addresses the ways in which individuals or families obtain, budget, save, and spend monetary resources over time, considering various financial risks and future life events.

Subcategory Examples
Credit and Loans Automotive, education, home
Insurance Health, life
Investing ETFs, Forex, Retirement Planning, Stocks
Taxes Filing, planning, laws


Content that discusses any animal as a pet, such as a dog, cat, or hamster. Advice on taking care of the animal and best practices for maintaining a healthy happy pet. Includes retail stores and where to buy proper equipment and supplies.

Real Estate

Content about buying, selling, leasing, and renting property: residential, commercial or office space. It also covers general trends in the housing market, pricing, and how-to guides for brokers, buyers, or renters.

Recreation and Games

Content about games (including board games and video games), theme parks, toys, hobbies, and outdoor recreation.

Subcategory Examples
Gambling Online gambling, casinos, lottery
Hobbies and Interests Collecting, crafting, restoration/DIY
Genealogy Lineage and ancestry, family trees, genealogy software
Online Games Online gaming sites like flash games or emoticons


Contains page-level search and information content such as,, Wikipedia, AOL, Yahoo, MSN,, and

Subcategory Examples
Maps Content that offers maps and directions


Content surrounding family, friends, dating, wedding, marriage, communities, social activities, and celebrations.

Subcategory Examples
Singles and Dating Online dating, love advice
Weddings Planning, catering, flowers, clothing, traditions


Content surrounding the many social science and science categories.

Subcategory Examples
Astronomy Stars, planets, galaxies
Biology Genetics, anatomy, evolution
Botany Ecology, plant genetics, plant biochemistry


Content that allows advertisers to target illusive concepts such as attitude and feelings. . 

Subcategory Examples
Positive Using a vertical to engage the customer in the appropriate state of mind
Negative Overlaying a negative sentiment with a competitor's brand category


Content identified as any of the seasonal categories. 

Subcategory Examples
3 Kings Decorating, religious content
Australia Day Celebrations, history, awards, immigrants
American Independence Day Decorations, celebrations, traditional meals
Back to School Parenting, bullying, school supplies, immunizations
Beer Festivals Events, tickets, participating breweries
Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales, events, deals
Carnival/Mardi Gras Parades, holiday food, rituals
Christmas Ceremonies, shopping, recipes, traditions
Easter Decor, travel, food, ritual
Father's Day Gifts, golf, gadgets
French Open Matches, players, grounds, tickets
Golden Week China, Japan, holidays
Grand National Horse race Aintree, horses, riders
Halloween Costumes, house decorations, candy
Holidays Shopping, travel, cooking, toys
Jewish Holidays Decorating, meals, rituals
March Madness Seeding, brackets, predictions, scores
Mother's Day Gifts, flowers, jewelry, recipes
New Year's Parties, planning, resolutions
Rugby World Cup Ticket information, scores, results, videos
Sailing Events Events, watching, participating
Super Bowl Players and teams, recipes, alcohol
Thanksgiving Travel deals, sports, weather, recipes
Tour de France Route, riders, teams
Valentine's Day Relationships, romantic travel/movies/books, dining out
Wimbledon Main events, players, grounds
Winter Olympics Athletes, events, schedules, equipment
World Cup Teams, qualifications, final tournament


Content about general shopping information or retail trends. Includes shopping sites that offer users coupons in any category or content that discusses consumer trends in using coupons.


General content on Society and Society groups, cultural events, holidays and celebrations, religion, law, and ethics.

Subcategory Examples
Occult Seance, paranormal, ghosts, pagan
Holidays and Celebrations Tips for entertaining, recipes, gifts
Law and Ethics Legal services, lawsuits, trials
Religion and Spirituality Opinions, texts, guidance


General content about tournaments, events, athletes, players, professionals in sports, equipment, and general sporting goods that cannot be classified in any of the following categories:

Subcategory Examples
Baseball Strategies, leagues, athletes
Basketball Tournaments, equipment, leagues
Boxing Matches, techniques, athletes
Cricket Teams, tournaments, rules
Cycling Races, biking tips, bicycle upkeep
Football Teams, games, positions
Golf Tours, scoring, golfers
Hockey Games, teams, tactics
Horse Racing Jockeys, trainers, pedigree
Motorsports Kart, boat, snowmobile, auto racing
Olympics Athletes, events, schedules, medals
Outdoor Recreation Camping, hiking, fishing/hunting
Rugby Teams, positions, equipment
Running Events, health benefits, techniques
Soccer Games, players, league rules
Surfing Competitions, culture, waves
Swimming and Diving Competitions, participants
Tennis Matches, players, shots
Winter Sports Skiing, sporting goods, accessories
Wrestling Matches, wrestlers, rankings

Style and Fashion

Content about trends that relate to clothing, accessories and beauty; this may also include content about celebrity styles and trends.

Subcategory Examples
Beauty Products, tutorials, product reviews
Body Art Tattoos, body painting, piercings
Clothing and Accessories Hand bags, scarfs, jewelry
Cosmetics Products, application, reviews
Hair Care Treatment, reviews on hair products
Skin Care Creams, ointments, lotions

Technology and Computing

Content that includes several different technical subcategories as well as general content about technology and technological products. This category contains all sub-level categories and additional information on new technology, products, or inventions.

Subcategory Examples
Android Products, reviews, announcements
Apple Products, reviews, announcements
Cameras and Camcorders Reviews, lenses, tutorials
Cloud Computing File sharing, cloud service for business or private use
Hardware and Software Applications, languages, advice on hardware
Enterprise Computing File-sharing software, Microsoft Outlook
Green Tech Solar power devices, turbines, electric vehicles
Home Entertainment Home theaters, audio equipment, headphones
Mobile PDAs, Bluetooth, car accessories
Video Games TV, computers, hand-held devices
Web and Graphic Design Development, logo design, typography


Content about traveling and tourism for leisure or business purposes. Travel trends, destinations, travelers' personal experiences, popular vacation reviews, recommendations on where to travel and information on travel destinations such as economic status and local growth. Also includes information on ways to travel such as cruise, car, plane, or train information.

Subcategory Examples
Air Airlines, business and consumer reviews
Car Rental Rental companies, market trends, consumer reviews
Cruise Cruise lines and customer reviews
Destinations Flights, hotels, car rental, package deals
  • Europe
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Las Vegas
  • New York
  • Southern California
Hotels and Accommodation Reservation portals, reviews, recommendations
New York Vacation, hotels, cultural events
Theme Adventure, beach, winter, family travel
Theme Parks Attractions, rides, events


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