The Device data point allows you to verify the device type for served ads.

Important: For information about device data in Sizmek analytics reports, see REFERENCE: Device Metrics in Analytics Reporting.

How Does It Work?

The Sizmek engine technology detects the device type based on the user agent of the HTTP request and the WURFL database. Sometimes, however, the engine cannot determine from which device the HTTP request originated. In this case, the engine categorizes these devices as Other.

The engine gathers device tracking information by using the tracking mechanisms of the Sizmek ad serving client.

Peer39 Verification reports the following device types. 

Note: Only the values in the Device Type column appear in Verification reporting.

Device Type  Platform 
Mac Mac
PC Windows
Smartphone Android Mobile, iPhone, iPod, Windows Phone OS
Smart TV Smart TV
Tablet Android Tablet, iPad
Other  Chrome OS, Linux, Linux Ubunto, Unrecognized *


* Note: In Verification reports, "Other" includes:
  • Unsupported devices: Devices that do not support Rich Media serving.
    The engine collects verification data about these devices and serves default images.
  • Unrecognized devices: Devices that the engine cannot recognize. Examples include:

    • In-Stream publishers that use specific user agents without any platform information (Hulu/spotxchange/Roku)
    • TV broadcasts (Apple TV)
    • Consoles (Xbox)
    • Mobile applications (Huffpost mobile app)

    Ultimately, the engine serves a default image to these devices, but does not collect verification data about the devices.
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