Overlap metrics is a set of metrics that combine one viewable metric (either Recordable (IAB) or Viewable (IAB)) with with another metric from the Ad Fraud and Video Player data points. These metrics show the volume of impressions for the overlapped metric sets.

Wastage impressions are those that are not served according to quality categories defined by the client. Quality criteria can be selected from any of the existing verification data points.

Overlap Metrics

This set of metrics represents the recordability and viewability rates of impressions that overlap with fraud and video player metrics. The system combines two viewable metrics, Recordable (IAB) and Viewable (IAB), with specific Ad Fraud and Video Player metrics.

Important: Overlap metrics are available in varying degrees for pre-bid targeting, creative targeting, and post-buy verification. See REFERENCE: Media Relevance Metrics and Categories Grid and REFERENCE: Media Relevance Metrics and Categories Glossary for more information.

The overlap metrics appear in the Verification export Excel report with the following naming convention (for example):

  • Viewable (IAB) & Ghost Sites
  • Recordable (IAB) & Player Size Large

This list includes the supported metric combinations.

Wastage/Effective Impressions

Important: This feature has very limited availability; currently, there is no support for wastage/effective rules for new clients. If there is an urgent requirement to add support for a new client, contact Product Management.

Wastage Impressions/Effective Impressions is a metric that is defined for each account. For this metric, you define a rule that detects impressions that meet conditions related to Viewability, Geo, Brand Safety, or Video Start; the new metric detects deduplicated impressions that fit the defined rule condition. You can see this metric in the Categories tab in the Verification dashboard or in the Categories Excel in the Verification export report. 

To create a Wastage/Effective rule, please contact client services who will complete a rule template. Wastage/Effective rule logic should include all the criteria that the rule should meet. 

For example, a Wastage rule for an account might include the following criteria:

    • Display campaign
    • Viewable impressions IAB
    • Geo France
    • Not Ghost Sites
    • Not Unsafe impressions
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