Shared Libraries are files that are repeatedly used by ads, and therefore are stored in a centralized location and cached by end users' browsers. This improves performance since there is no need to download them each time an ad is displayed. For example, in the Sizmek ad serving client, ebHtml5Banner.js, is a shared library. Every Sizmek Standard or Rich Media ad uses this shared library, it rarely changes, and it is served from a centralized, fixed location, so that it can be cached.

The IAB endorses using shared libraries to reduce the ad load. The following is an excerpt from the IAB guidelines:

Browser caching capabilities benefit all parties by eliminating the need to download previously requested resources that already exist on the user’s device. Advertisers (Creative developers) are encouraged to take advantage of browser caching functionality by linking to shared libraries hosted on the Ad Serving party’s (Publisher ad server or third-party ad server) domain that are used across campaigns.

Depending on whether the Sizmek tag is placed on a secure or non-secure page, shared libraries are located in the following paths: 


Note: The code in the shared libraries is updated regularly; therefore, file sizes that are noted in the following sections are estimates.

Ad Serving Shared Libraries

Shared Files

Ad serving shared libraries are located in the Ad folder, for example, 

File Name Description Size (Compressed)
ebHtml5Banner.js HTML5 banner – Rich Media banner format, without expansion or polite-load functionality. 84189 bytes
ebHtml5Banner_api.js Extra functionality for HTML5 Standard Banner. Mostly used by custom formats. 89212 bytes
ebHtml5PoliteBanner.js HTML5 Polite Banner – Allows downloading banner in a polite mode. 85876 bytes
ebHtml5PoliteBanner_api.js Extra functionality for HTML5 Polite Banner. Mostly used by custom formats. 90822 bytes
ebHtml5SEBanner.js HTML5 Single Expandable – Rich Media expandable, where the collapsed and expanded states are the same HTML element. 93020 bytes
ebHtml5SEBanner_api.js Extra functionality for HTML5 Single Expandable. Mostly used by custom formats. 98448 bytes
ebHtml5ExpBanner.js HTML5 Expandable – Rich Media expandable where panel and banner are different HTML elements. Supports multiple panels. 103653 bytes
ebHtml5ExpBanner_api.js Extra functionality for HTML5 Expandable. Mostly used by custom formats. 109962 bytes
eb4thParty.js Ad which is called 4th party. Ad is from Celtra and not from Sizmek. 64147 bytes
ebTracking.js Ad for tracking only; measures Verification and Viewability. Ad is not from Sizmek. 63423 bytes
ebTracking_api.js Extra functionality for ebTracking, used when a custom script is attached to the ebTracking ad. 69487 bytes
ebHtml5InstreamBanner.js HTML5 In-Stream Banner - Similar to ebHtml5Banner but with extra functionality for In-Stream. 84341 bytes
ebVisibility.js Viewability detector, for when a non-expandable ad is served into a cross-domain iFrame and the site includes the Sizmek iFrame-buster file. 68342 bytes
ebVisibility_api.js Extra functionality for ebVisibility, for when a custom script is attached to the ad. 73207 bytes

Creative HTML5 Shared Libraries

File Name Description   Size (Compressed)
HTML5 Resource

HTML5 resources are located in the HTML5Res folder, for example,

EBLoader.js Loads the EB and all of the relevant EB modules of the ad. This file is located under and is not cached. 2698 bytes
EB.js Exposes the API to the ad. 25612 bytes
EBV.js For HTMLl5 ads that use video elements for reporting video interactions. 1888 bytes
EBSV.js Supports SV/MV ads. 4308 bytes
EBCat.js Supports DCO catalog ads. 5040 bytes
EBCMD.js For MRAID ads. Exposes additional API for ads that are served on a mobile application. 26121 bytes
EBCOMM Enables communication between the iFrame windows of various ad elements on the same page. 1193 bytes
EB_api.js Extra functionality for ads. Mostly used by custom formats. 4301 bytes
EBVPAID.js For In-Stream ads. Communicates between the VPAIDAPI and the asset. 6011 bytes

VPAID/HTML5 files for In-Stream ads are located in the VPAID/HTML5 folder, for example,

VPAIDAPI.js Main file in In-Stream that is loaded by the player. 16332 bytes
SZMKFLVPAIDBR.js File in VPAID format that finds data about the player and the In-Stream ad, for example, player parameters. 7116 bytes

AdKit file is located under the adkit folder, for example,

adkit.js Includes ad related functionalities that assist in the quick and easy development of HTML5 ads.  70900 bytes
Additional resources are located in the Modules folder, for example,
File Name Description   Size (Compressed)
AdChoice.js Handles the IAB icon data – Indicates to users when interest-based advertising data is collected or used by clicking on the icon. 3026 bytes
AdStackingDetector.js Manages detection of adStacking and other fraud activities. 2516 bytes
DelayedImpressions.js Reports the delayed impression to the server. 860 bytes
VisibilityManager.js Manages the visibility and determines which provider is the best to measure visibility. 4836 bytes
GeometricVisibilityProvider .js Viewability for same-domain page scenarios (no unfriendly iFrames). 2324 bytes
GridVisibilityProvider.js Cross-domain viewability for IE11. 1928 bytes
IntersectionObserverVisibilityProvider.js Cross-domain viewability for modern browsers that support IntersectionObserver (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera). 1042 bytes
FFVisibilityProvider.js Visibility for old versions of Firefox, that do not support IntersectionObserver. 866 bytes
MraidVisibilityProvider.js Viewability for MRAID ads. 272 bytes


Cross-domain viewability detection using flash pixels

2759 bytes
MouseVisibilityProvider.js Cross-domain viewability for IE9, IE10. 2724 bytes
DCO.js Handles DCO in ads. 1897 bytes
MMINT.js Visibility mode is not default mode, and both mmAuction and mmAdvertiser are set. 845 bytes
MraidUtil.js Helper module for MRAID ads. 3384 bytes
MraidLoader.js Helper for a few specific scenarios in MRAID serving. 510 bytes
Research.js Fraud detection 542 bytes

3rd Party Shared Libraries

3rd party shared libraries are located in the libraries folder, for example,

File sizes in the following sections are for the secure path.


  • 1_42_0/jquery.js (47 KB)
  • 1_11_3/jquery.min.js (34 KB)
  • 2_1_4/jquery-2.1.4.min.js (30.2 KB)
  • 1_11_4/jquery-ui.min.js (66.7 KB)


  • 1_19_0/TimelineLite.min.js (4.4 KB)
  • 1_19_0/TimelineMax.min.js (6.2 KB)
  • 1_19_0/TweenLite.min.js (10.1 KB)
  • 1_19_0/TweenMax.min.js (38.2 KB)
  • 1_19_0/easepack.min.js (2.3 KB)
  • 1_19_0/cssplugin.min.js (16.3 KB)


  • createjs-2015.11.26.min.js (51.4 KB)
  • 0_6_1/preloadjs.min.js (14.9 KB)
  • preloadjs-0.4.1.min.js (8.9 KB)
  • 0_6_1/soundjs.min.js (13.7 KB) 
  • 0_8_1/easeljs.min.js (25.1 KB)
  • easeljs-0.7.1.min.js (23 KB)
  • movieclip-0.8.1.min.js (2.0 KB)
  • movieclip-0.7.1.min.js (1.7 KB)
  • 0_6_1/tweenjs.min.js (7.2 KB)
  • tweenjs-0.5.1.min.js (5.8 KB)


  • HYPE-596.full.min.js (41 KB)
  • HYPE-596.thin.min.js (24.5 KB)
  • HYPE-584.full.min.js (41 KB)
  • HYPE-584.thin.min.js (24.5 KB)
  • HYPE-578.full.min.js (40.8 KB)
  • HYPE-578.thin.min.js (24.4 KB)
  • HYPE-576.full.min.js (40.9 KB)
  • HYPE-576.thin.min.js (24.4 KB)
  • HYPE-552.full.min.js (40.4 KB)
  • HYPE-552.thin.min.js (24 KB)
  • HYPE-550.full.min.js (40.3 KB)
  • HYPE-550.thin.min.js (24 KB)
  • HYPE-538.thin.min.js (24 KB)
  • HYPE-526.full.min.js (40.2 KB)
  • HYPE-526.thin.min.js (24 KB)
  • HYPE-518.full.min.js (40.2 KB)
  • HYPE-518.thin.min.js (23.8 KB)
  • HYPE-466.full.min.js (39.3 KB)
  • HYPE-466.thin.min.js (23.2 KB)


  • edge.6.0.0.min.js (34.5 KB)
  • edge.min.js (34.4 KB) 
  • edge.min.customforamazon.js (34.5 KB)


  • 2_8_3/modernizr.min.js (4.7 KB)


  • video.min.js (50.4 KB)
  • video-js.min.css (14.1 KB)
  • videojs.vast.vpaid.min.css (972 bytes)
  • videojs.vast.vpaid.min.js (32.9 KB)
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