Cannot copy DCO ad full versions

Copied master DCO ads don't have full list of versions. Original ads have 3800+ versions, only 200 versions been copied through.


  • Sizmek MDX2.0

Required information

  • AD ID


This is a limitation. We only copy 200 versions to the copied Ad.

If the user is managing his versions via XML file and the version are updated by the feed then in the copy operation he can set the ad to run initial feed fetch. and the fetch will add the version that wasn't copied.

In this case user doesn't user feed to mage his versions, so he can use excel to upload the versions from the original Ad.

  1. Export the excel from the tow ads.
  2. Copy versions from the excel belong to original Ad (excel A) to excel belong to new Ad (excel B).
  3. Import (excel B) to new Ad.

Root cause

By design.

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