Before proceeding please make sure that you completed all of the steps marked in this guide in order to be able to work with our API within the Animate cc. - Animate CC | Setting Up a Project

Load Video Module

To be able to track video we need to make sure that the video module is loaded.
To do this, navigate to your actions by pressing "F9", and making sure that "Global > Script" contains this global variable:

 EBModulesToLoad = ['EBAPI', 'EBCMD', 'Video'];

with value set to an array containing the 'Video' module

Create a video tracking instance

Use this code on the frame where the video component is is shown:

var theVideo = document.getElementById('videoone');
var trackedVideo = new EBG.VideoModule(theVideo);

Please note that we are getting an element by id that is the name of the component instance set in Animate CC.

You can repeat this for each video just with different var names / unique id's (video component instance name = id of the video element).

Additional resources

Index and Glossary:

Using Sizmek API functionalities:

For information on building Sizmek HTML5 base formats please visit:

For general process of video tracking please see the article - Video Tracking
Keep in Mind that you need to shave off script tags off of all code examples here: Video Tracking, as well as adkit.onReady method as it's already handled by publishing templates in Animate CC:

<script type="text/javascript">
adkit.onReady( function() {
}); </script>
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