This is a mandatory first step in creating Sizmek compliant Animate CC ads.
It Encompasses adding our API to the build and setting up publish folders / options.


If you are just here to get the resources, you can download them here:

Setting up a Project

  1. Open Animate CC and create a new document with designated dimensions trimmed by two pixels in both width and height to make room for the mandatory 1px solid border.
    E.g. 300x250 would be 298x248.

  2. Save your project and create a publish folder along side of it.

  3. Go to File > Publish settings or press "Ctrl +Shift + F12".

  4. Select your "publish folder" from the previous step as the publish destination.
  5. Make Sure that your export settings on "Basic" tab are as below.

  6. Download secure version of the publish template to a non-project location on your computer. 
  7. Click "Advanced" tab, make sure settings are as below, then "Import New...".

  8. Select the appropriate publishing template. The one suited to the serving environment (publisher / dsp spec) - if unsure go with secure as it's used in most cases.

  9. Make sure that the "Spritesheet" tab settings are understood, if you are authoring "Dynamic Creative" please disable this, otherwise feel free to select whatever suites your needs and level of output optimization.

  10. Click "OK".
  11. Go to "Window > Actions" or hit F9.

  12. Drag the left edge to the right to reveal a list that shows "Global > Include, Script".
    It's hardly noticeable, but you will see a cursor indicating this functionality on hover.

  13. Click "Global" to expand it, then select "Script", and enter the modules you want to load. 
    If you are building an "HTML5 Standard Banner" please ignore this step.

    EBModulesToLoad = ['Video', 'EBCMD', 'EBAPI']; 

    If we want to load a 'Video' module to track video or 'EBCMD' module for MRAID support, or 'EBAPI' for advanced features of Sizmek API.

  14. If you are building a panel of an expandable ad you would want to load the 'EBAPI' module, and place your expansion parameters code below module loading.

    If you are building an "HTML5 Standard Banner" please ignore this step.

    EBModulesToLoad = ['EBAPI', 'Video', 'EBCMD'];
    try{EB.initExpansionParams(0, 0, 320, 430);}catch(e){};
  15. Download the config.js file and place it in your "publish" folder.
    If you are building "Dynamic Creative", please read this article for more info on setting up your config.js file.
  16. Paste the code for border in on your first frame of the first layer(script layer): = '1px solid black';
  17. You can now design your ad or a panel content.


Additional Resources

Index and Glossary

Using Sizmek API Functionalities

For information on building Sizmek HTML5 base formats please visit:

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